Ubelileik Kaxtik Kaxtal, Maya Textiles and Medicines: a Design for Development Project

Labels (prototypes) for a line of products of a group of Mayan artisans from Quintana Roo, México. I developed this project during my first participation in the group Design4Development, in the Spring of 2008.

This product brand, created by a group of Maya women from Quintana Roo, México, was developed to be sold in different community tourism spots around the area. Our participation and collaboration with this women consisted in the creation of labels and some other stationery items for their brand. We visited the area and carried out several meetings and prototype sessions with them and within our design research group.

Each sub-line of products is differentiated by a different color palette, a pattern and a symbol or illustration. These labels are intended to be easy to print, reproduce, and attach to recycled plastic or glass jars and containers of different sizes and forms, or to hang to different kinds of hand made clothes or accesories.